5 One-day Winter Hikes in the Carpathians

The winter Carpathians are not only kilometers of ski slopes, but also a wonderful nature that truly opens beyond civilization and crowded resorts.
We have made a list of 5 easy one-day itineraries with great views. Hike alone or book our guiding here.


Distance: 9 km
Average duration: 5 hours
Height range: 445 m (539 – 984 m)
Total climb: 513 m
Total descent: 506 m

Route: souvenir market in Yaremche town ‒ Makovytsya Mount ‒ rocks of Dovbush ‒ Yaremche town.

Mount Makovytsia is located near Yaremche within the Carpathian National Nature Park. It’s known for the bloody battles between the Austro-Hungarian and tsarist troops during the First World War. A cross was erected in memory of the dead at the top.
The height of the mountain is only 984 m, so even children are able to climb. There are several trails to the top – from Dora, Yamna and from the parking lot near the souvenir market in Yaremche itself. The best choice will be the last way: a winding trail leads through a beautiful beech-spruce forest. There are trenches from the First World War along the way.
About an hour later, you will come across an observation deck that offers a great view of Yaremche. Then the trail leads to rocky terrain and a meadow, which takes about an hour to reach the top.
In general, this hike will take about 3 hours of ascent and 1.5 hours of descent.
We advise you to descend through the Dovbush Trail, where you will see huge stones. In the beech forest, it is important not to miss the left-hand pointer. According to legend, this is one of the places where Dovbush’s treasures are hidden, so be attentive!


Distance: 17 km
Average duration: 7 hours
Height range: 876 m (min. 789 – max. 1665 m).
Total climb: 1245 m
Total descent: 1303 m

Route: TC “Bukovel” ‒ Tomnatyk Field ‒ Synyak ‒ Homiak Field ‒ Homiak Mount ‒ Prutchik River.

Mount Synyak and Homiak are the closest sites to Bukovel, so climbing them is accessible, but not the easiest route.
Start from the centre of Polyanytsya village. The trail leads steeply up, so you have to gain considerable height in a short time – 800 m vertically in 3 hours. However, when you reach the top of Mt. Synyak (1,665 m), you will definitely not be disappointed, because of the views: you will see the entire massif of Gorgany, part of Svydovets and northern Chornohora.
At the top, turn right and head southeast toward the Homiak field, where you can warm up in the shepherds’ huts.

Then you can turn south, descending to the village Polyanytsya, or continue your hike to Mt. Homiak (1,542 m), from which to take road to Bukovel.


Distance: 22 km
Average duration: 10 hours
Height range: 780 m (752 – 1532 m)
Total climb: 897 m
Total descent: 964 m

Route: Voronenko village – Bukovyna Mount – Grygorivka Field – Serednia Field – Labieska Field – Kukul Mount – Pereslip Pass – Oseredok Mount – Vorokhta Village.

You can safely call the Kukul Ridge a solid observation deck of Montenegro, because from no other place will you see the highest mass of Ukraine so close.
This route is long enough, so start as early as possible. Starting best with the train station with. Voronenko, which can be reached either by train or by car. The path you need is marked in yellow and leads first along the track, and turns towards the tunnel (which was the longest in Europe at the time of construction) and gradually rises.

It takes about 2 hours to climb the forest, but when you reach the first mountain you forget about the fatigue, looking at Hoverla and Petros. On the ridge markers will already be two colors – yellow and green.
Further, the road will not have significant ascents and descents down to the town of Kukul (1,539 m). When you reach the top, you should turn back, walk 1 km and turn right on the meadow of Labiesca, where the long and pleasant descent begins right down to Vorokhta.


Distance: 11 km
Average duration: 6 hours
Height range: 571 m (657 – 1228 m)
Total climb: 604 m
Total descent: 498 m

Route: Pidlisniv Village ‒ Vovcha Mount ‒ Yagidna Mount ‒ Lisniv Mount ‒ Tatariv Village.


The start of the route is near the restaurant «Три підкови» (Try pidkovy), which is opposite to the bus stop in the part of the village Mykulychyn ‒ Pidlisniv. At the bus stop, the red marked route begins. The climb here is quite steep, but short ‒ about 1.5 – 2 hours. There will also be a spring where we recommend to fill your bottle, as there may be problems with water higher.
After reaching the ridge, the long ascents and descents will be gone, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains because the ridge is almost forestless. First, you will pass the Mt Vovcha (1092 m) then after 2 km Mt Yahidna (1216 m) and after some time ‒ Mt Lisniv (1256 m).

There are some good places on the ridge where you can stop for a long break or have a snack. For example, there is a table with benches on Mt Yahidna.
Before mount Kuniculyva, at the big cross, turn right and follow the green route. After one kilometre along the trail, there will be a small spring where you can take water. After 2 hours of descent, you will come to the village of Tatariv, where you can take a bus or train.


Distance: 14 km
Average duration: 6 hours
Height range: 700 m (532 – 1232 m)
Total climb: 733 m
Total descent: 798 m
Route: Mikulychin Village – Svynianka Field – Yavirnyk Field – Vovcha Field – Yaremche Village.

This route is quite long and therefore not easy. The best point to start hiking is in the village of Mykulychyn. The start is near the train station, which leads along the yellow route to the west.
The first ascent will end at the meadow Svynianka (1,100 m). Then the route turns blue. In an hour you will reach the meadow Yavirnyk, from which you can make just fantastic photos of the mountains.
It is better to descend through the valley of Vovcha and then take the yellow route directly to the souvenir market in Yaremche.