About us

Hello! We are a team of mountain guides from ProstoNeba. We invite you to hike in beautiful destinations comfortably, safely and with health benefits

Get out of the routine, let's go into the wild!

What is important to us


Hiking experience is like an intensive training course of the most expensive coach. Widely open your eyes and fix the experience by all the senses: new smells, tastes, sounds, the angle of view. We will take organizational moments to prevent distractions.


We know the technical part of the hiking, as well as we know a thing or two about the places we invite. History, boring geographic facts, legends, «what is our altitude now», «what is that weed» – we like to tell about these!


We love mountains. And love is about respect and support. Mass irresponsible tourism harms the ecosystem. We work on our own eco-consciousness and promote it. Leave no trace is our principle of hiking.


We’ve been guides for programmers, drummers, Americans, Moldovans, doctors, actors, hairdressers, professors, vegans, gourmands, pagans, introverts, collectors, investors. All of them contributed to what is called our «individual approach to everyone».

 Our aim is aesthetic pleasure combined with moderate physical activity: mountains make the heart beat faster anyway.

We do not specialize in difficult treks or «conquering» of risky peaks.

What can we do?

  • plan the route and do follow it
  • arrange a convenient transfer to the mountains
  • help to get ready for the hike
  • compose the menu with meals as filling as delicious  
  • adequately respond to force majeure in a hike
  • provide first medical aid
  • talentlessly, but soulfully sing near the bonfire

Why do we like this?


First of all, it’s beautiful.

You can reach places where the nights are really dark, and the silence is really quiet, only by feet and with a backpack.

There you go back to the basic natural rhythms – of time, day, and seasons. Feel the joy of contact with nature and your own body.

It makes us healthier and happier.

It’s hard to imagine a more pleasant physical training than being on the mountain trail.

The goals here are clear and achievable: adapt to wild conditions, go further, climb higher. Other troubles are forgotten when the only thing that matters is: when the hell is dinner!

Changing the usual angle of view of the world and leaving the comfort zone magically affect your vital forces.


Let’s keep in touch! We share photos and videos from our hikes here:

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