For the convenience of our clients, all tours descriptions include an indication of the level of difficulty. So you can choose the one which is relevant to your preferences or physical conditions. The four different level of difficulty are the following:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Advanced

Easy. This is a maximum of 3-day trips with a total length of no more than 25 km, and a total set of altitudes not more than 1000 m. Everybody can participate in tours of this level.

Normal. The total length of such trips is not more than 4 days, the length is not more than 40 km, and the set height is not more than 2000 m. These tours are best for moderately physically active people.

Hard. 6 day trips with a length of up to 65 km, and a climb height of 3500 m. Participants are expected to be in good health and fitness; be ready for challenges.

Advanced. More than 65 km and more than 3500 m. This level of difficulty requires exceptionally good physical conditions; previous hiking experience and training in advance of the tour.

It is not necessarily the distance of the tour that defines the level of difficulty.

These definitions are developed by us guided by the observation of the participants of the campaigns, their physical condition and general mood. These were ordinary people with average physical data, no heart disease and breathing, excessive overweight.

It’s worth remembering that these levels will be quite relative and each participant will feel it differently. For people who have an active lifestyle or simply have better physical training, even a difficult level will seem not so complicated (even if it’s the first time in the campaign), but those who lead a sedentary way of life, rarely exposed to physical activity, even in light hikes will be restored to the very exhausted.

On average, the speed of a group of 8 people with a rest is 3-4 km / h on an equal surface, 2-3 km / h at a descent and 1-2 km / h on the rise, the larger the group, the speed of travel will be smaller and vice versa.

Also, do not forget that if the weather conditions (rain, wind) deteriorate, any part of the campaign will be doubly difficult. In the campaign, you must always be prepared for the fact that the weather may be bad almost all the time, the landscape will remain behind clouds and fog, in the evening at the fire do not sit through the rain, and the desire to wear dry clothes or shoes will be stronger than anything in the world. In this case, the campaign is something that, as nothing else, strains our strength of spirit, the ability to overcome difficulties and not surrender, and also think positively.

In any case, a trip is a thing that forever changes a person and in 98% of cases it is for the better.