Rodna Mountains (Romania)

Duration 5 days
Difficulty Hard
Route Borsa Complex – wtrf. Cailor – lk. Lacul – m. Galatului – ref. La Carti – m. Buhaiescu Mic – m. Pietrosul – lk. Iezer – Borsa
Distance 37 km
Price 100€


Everyone who loves the Carpathian Mountains, as we like them, should go on a hike in the Romanian Carpathians. It is in Romania that most of the Carpathians are located. Here the mountains are tall, wild and beautiful. Lakes, caves, waterfalls, steep slopes and cliffs. They are relatively unpopular, spacious and large.

This trek is through the Rodna Mountains (Romanian Munţii Rodnei). The Rodna Range is one of the longest in Romania: it extends more than 50 km from west to east. A five-day trip allows you to go to the best places and spend the nights in the coziest places.

Our route runs through the amazing tall waterfall of Caylor, the cave of La Havan, several lakes and peaks with panoramic views. We will visit the highest point of the Radna Alps – the top of Mount Pietrosul (2 303 m / 7555 ft). From the top, we’ll be watching especially warmly towards the Ukrainian Carpathians. One night we will spend in a simple but cozy wooden shelter at an altitude of 1 830 m.

We will hike around the protected area of Rodna National Park and Biosphere Reserve. This is home to many plant and animal species. In the summer, the slopes are bright pink because of the flowering rhododendron. Probably, we will be lucky enough to see a mountain goat, black forest squirrel or marmot. Also, bears, lynxes, and wolves live there, but they (fortunately) prefer to skip the tourist routes.

Sheep breeding is very spread in the Romanian mountains. We will surely see sheep on the slopes, accompanied by big curly dogs and strict Romanians.


the biggest waterfall in the Eastern Carpathians – Cascada Cailor Waterfall (95 m / 311 ft high);

the highest peak of the Rodna Range – Mount Pietrosul (2 303 m / 7555 ft);

several high mountain lakes;

 most of the time we will hike along the mountain ridge, so the landscapes will be visible all the time.


Day 1: town Solotvyno – Ukrainian-Romaninan border Sighetu-Marmaţiei – tourcomplex Borșa – Cailor waterfall (95 м);

Day 2: lake Lacul;

Day 3: mount Galatului 2048 m – refuge La Carti;

Day 4: mount Rebra, 2119 m – mount Buhaiescu Mic, 2224 m – mount Pietrosul , 2303 m – lake Iezer;

Day 5: meteostationtown Borșa Sighetu-Marmaţiei – Ukrainian-Romanian border – town Solotvyno.

 4 km

 +430 m

 3 km

 +450 m

13 km

 +690 m


 9 km

 +600 m

 8 km

  -1100 m


Place of start: Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine or Sighetu-Marmatiei, Borsa in Romania.

From IF we take a bus and get to Solotvyno, where we cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border by feet. Then from Sighetu-Marmatiei we take a bus to Borsa, which is the starting point of hiking.

 Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine or Sighetu-Marmatiei, Borsa in Romania.