Kungsleden (Sweden)

Duration 8 days
Difficulty Advanced
Route (Українська) Кіруна – Ніккалуокта – оз. Ладтйоюаре – Ладтйойакка – притулок Кебнекайсе – льодовик Бйорлінгс – гора Кебнекайсе (2,097 м) – притулок Салка – притулок Тйактя – річка Алісеатну – притулок Алесяуре – притулок Абіскояуре – село Абіско
Distance 105 km
Price 400 €


North of the Arctic Circle, the Scandinavian taiga, reindeer – these are some of the reasons we are going to a hundred kilometer-long hike along the King’s trail in Sweden.

Eight hiking days will pass as one! Seriously. June is a time of the midnight sun – when the Sun remains visible at the midnight.

The King’s Trail (Swedish Kungsleden) is 440 km of paths running from south to north of Sweden. It’s now considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. In Western Europe, this is the only wildlife area of such an impressive scale.

We will hike in the most interesting part of the trail which includes the highest point of Sweden – Kebnekaise Mount. In the north of Sweden and north of Kingsleden. «You ancient, you free, you mountainous north» («Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga nord») – the first line of the Swedish anthem. There we go!

The exact height of Kebnekaise («Cauldron Crest») is difficult to tell. It has two peaks – northern and southern. By 2018, it was the southern peak that was the highest, but the year turned out to be very hot and the mountain melted, having lost its height of 2,123 m. Now the highest point of the country is the northern peak, which is not covered with ice and therefore its 2,097 m is fairly stable. But thats changeable.

The landscapes of Swedish Lapland is different: pine and birch forests, rocky massifs, broad valleys, alpine meadows and a lot of water in various forms – glaciers, rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps. Unfortunately, standing water means mosquitoes. However, we believe that it is the most unpleasant thing that happens to us during the hike.

You’re likely to see deer, moose, and lemmings, which are the most numerous inhabitants (have you heard the misconception of lemming «mass suicide»?). Deer are most often semi-domesticated: they are held by the indigenous people of Saami. Ethnically their country lies in the Arctic part of Scandinavia in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. They have the right to practice reindeer herding in these lands (they even have more than ten words for the name of this animal).


 the midnight sun;

 the mountains of the Swedish Lapland which is the least populated region of Europe, land of Sami people;

 the highest peak of Sweden – Kebnekaise (2,097 m) or just Keb;

 many rivers, streams, lakes, and bridges across them;

 reindeer and nature of the Scandinavian taiga and the forest-tundra above the Arctic Circle.


1 day: town Kiruna  Nikkaluokta  lake Ladtioare;

2 day: river Ladtoyakka – Kebnekaise Fjällstation;

3 day: glacier Bjorlings  Mount Kebnekaise (2,097 m);

4 day: Singi Fjällstuga – Sälka Fjällstuga;

5 day: Sälka Fjällstuga – Tjäktja area;

6 day: Tjäktja area – Alesjaure area;

7 day: Alesjaure area – Abiskojaure Fjällstuga;

8 day: Abiskojaure Fjällstuga – village Abisko.

 6 km

 + 50 m

15 km

 + 350 m

13 km

 + 1350 m

 12 km

 + 200 m

 13 km

  + 300 m


Photo by Jahit Janberk on Unsplash

 13 km

 + 100 m


20 km

 – 400 m


Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

13 km

 – 170 m


Photo by Mats Hagwall on Unsplash