Olympus (Greece)

Duration 5 days
Difficulty Normal
Distance 35 km
Main points Litichoro – Prionia – Spilios Agapitos – Olympus – Prionia – Enipeas canyon – Agios monastery – Litochoro – Aegean seashore
Price 250 €


We are going to the divine hike in the Olympic National Park. There is no need to choose between the mountains and the sea. You can combine!

Olympus (Greek Όλυμπος) is a mountain range with 52 peaks, the highest among which is the Mytikas Mount (2,917 m). This is where Zeus, the god of heaven and thunder, sat down at his throne at the top, and eleven other Olympic gods gathered in Mytikas to observe the earthborn creatures below.

We start in the town of Litohoro, which is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, so we will have a «pure» gaining of elevation: from the sea level to almost 3,000 m! Despite the summer heat in Greece, it’s comfortable in the mountains. From the third day, we will be steadily changing the exhausting hiking up with bathing in canyons of icy rivers. Incredible luxury in the mountains.

Firstly, there is a thick fir-pine forest, also with olive trees, sycamores, cypresses. Above two thousand meters the forest changes for stones and sharp rocks, which are bleached by the sun. The bottomless canyons become even deeper, and landscapes are even more fantastic. There is something amazing on the ridge with thick white clouds and fogs. Definitely, not only because of the height these mountains are connected with higher forces.

The second part of the tour is camping on the beach of the Aegean Sea. A few kilometres from the finish point of our mountain route, we’ve found a cosy place on the coast with few people. Our plans for two days after the hike mountains are: to put a tent, but to sleep under the stars; drink Greek wine and eat olives; wake up at dawn and watch fishing boats. When you are floating here on your back, then a huge Olympus is just before and above you 😇


 one of the iconic peaks of the world – the Greek Olympus;

 streams, rivers, waterfalls with the icy and clean waters of the river Enipeas, wooden bridges through them;

 very blue Aegean Sea;

 fragrant forests and deep canyons;

 the ancient Monastery of Saint Dionysios of the XVI century;

 we’ll spend two nights in a mountain shelter in the company of travellers from all over the world, at an altitude of over 2,000 m.


Day 1: Litochoro  Prionia – Spilios Agapitos;

Day 2: Olympus – Mytikas Mount;

Day 3: Prionia – Enipeas canyon – Agios monastery;

Day 4: Enipeas canyon;

Day 5: Litochoro;

Day 6 (optional): camping on Aegean sea shore.

6 km

+ 800 m


9 km

+ 1000 m


9 km

– 1000 m


7 km

– 300 m


4 km

– 200 m



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