Shpyci and Kostrych: Winter Hiking

Duration 4 days
Difficulty Normal
Distance 40 км
Main points
Price 2500 ₴


We are offering you to go with us to the Carpathians for real winter emotions: for snow till knees, frosty fresh air, black sky and incredible silence in a remote mountain village. We’ll live in the village of Bystrets, in a warm house with everything you need. On day hikes we take only small backpacks.

Where are hiking to:

  • to the Kostrych Mount (1,585 m): we are going to see the best views of the highest Ukrainian mountains;
  • to the Shpytsi Mount (1,863 m): the famous sharp rocks will barely look out from under the snow, and around there will be a winter landscape of the Chornohora ridge – here we are close to Hoverla, Turkul, Rebra, Brebeneskul Mounts.

What are we doing in the evening: dinners with traditional dishes, conversations and mountain stories, board games and guitar singing, looking at the moon through a telescope. We really want these four days to be a busy holiday and rest from everyday noisy life in the cities.

For whom:

Winter hiking in the Carpathians is available for people with regular physical training. And even if you have never been on a winter hike, this route will suit you. You need the right clothes and shoes, a balanced diet with a thermos of hot tea, and a person who will show the safe path. We are ready to take responsibility for these!


  8 km  + 400  m

We meet in Ivano-Frankivsk at 10 am, from where we are going to the mountain village of Bystrets by mini-bus. Upon arrival, we settle in the house, have lunch and go for a kind of acclimatization – a walk to the Kosaryshche Mount. During this hike, we are checking the comfort of clothes and shoes to be ready for more difficult climbs in the coming days. The guide also explains the technique of climbing in winter and safety rules.

Mount Kosaryshche, 1148 m high, is located 4 km from our house. It is part of a small ridge that separates the village of Bystrets from the village of Dzembronya. In good weather, we will see from here our next goals – Kostrych ridge and Shpytsi mountain. 

After the walk, we return to the house, have dinner and prepare for tomorrow’s climb. If we are lucky with the weather, we will go outside on a frosty evening and look through the telescope at the moon and stars.


  16 km  + 800 m


We have breakfast at 6 am and warm-up, prepare our backpacks with sandwiches, thermoses with tea, extra clothes. We leave the house before dawn, so we are using flashlights.

Climbing does not require mountaineering skills, and the complexity is similar to a normal summer hike with a large backpack. The guide will tell and show you how to climb on the snow.

First, we will pass the Psarivka mountain meadow. Sheep are grazing here in the summer, but we will see only a white carpet of snow. Then the trail will take us to the Kostrych Mount (1,544 m), which is located in the middle of the ridge. We turn left and walk another 2 km without significant differences in height to climb to the highest peak of this ridge – Kostrycha Mount (1,585 m).

Walking along this ridge is a pleasure – in addition to a relatively flat path, you can see the best panoramas of Chornohora: from Hoverla to Popivan Chornohirsky. Also places on the opposite side are perfectly visible – Pokutsko-Bukovynian Carpathians, with peaks Rotylo, Gordia, Gregit and others. The valleys are also beautiful, in which the villages of Kryvopillya, Staishche, Volova and Iltsi are spread over large areas.

The whole ascent from the village to Kostrycha Mount will take 4-5 hours. At the top we will have lunch and rest as much as the weather allows.

The descent from the mountain is easier and takes less time – about 3 hours. We return to the house – warm-up and prepare for dinner.


  16 km  + 1110 m


Today we wake up even earlier and leaving the house before dawn.

First, we will climb to the Maryshevska mountain meadow. If we leave early enough, we will see the sunrise here. Then we have to walk for an hour and a half through the forest before reaching the forest-free north-eastern slopes of Chornohora ridge.

In 8 km and 5 hours we will be on Shpytsi Mount (1,863 m). We will go further along to see the famous high cliffs of this mountain. This is one of the most interesting and recognizable places in Ukrainian Carpathians. There are rocks up to 50 m high, resembling needles. These several rock mounds were formed due to ancient glaciation. In the snowy winter, the rocks barely look out from under the snow, and around – the incredible winter landscape of the Chornohora ridge – here we are close to Hoverla, Turkul, Rebra, Brebeneskul Mounts.

After having lunch we start going down. 3 hours – and we are in the village.


On the last day, we sleep longer, have breakfast together, say goodbye to the mountains (or not) and move out of the house before lunch.

We return to Ivano-Frankivsk at about 16 pm. We will be glad to walk around the city with you, tell you about our favourite places and have dinner together in a local restaraunt 😉


You meet the guide at the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station at 10.00 or in the village of Bystrets at 13.00.
We can also pick you up in the villages on the way from Ivano-Frankivsk – Yaremche, Vorokhta, etc.
Return to Ivano-Frankivsk at about 16 p.m.



  • all meals from lunch on the first day through lunch on the last day;
  • house rent;
  • work of English-speaking hiking guide;
  • National park permits;
  • rent of group equipment (first aid kit, gas, etc.).


  • transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk to the village Bystrets and back (it depends on the number of people in a group, up to 500 UAH);
  • personal equipment, clothes, and footwear;
  • sauna etc.


  • A small backpack for radial climbing (you will need to take a day snack, thermos, extra clothes). Up to 35 litres.
  • Sunglasses or ski mask: protection from wind, frost and sun (which is especially bright due to the snow around).
  • Water bottle. Thermos (1-2 l) for tea / warm water.
  • Flashlight (you can use your phone’s flashlight if it is powerful enough). We start the hike early in the morning when the stars are still in the sky, so you will need to light your way.
  • Hiking gaiters: so that snow does not fall into the shoes.
  • Crampons, snowshoes: whether they are needed depends on the weather conditions on specific dates of the hike, so when booking a hike, we will inform you about it additionally.
  • Trekking poles (optional, but it’s easier to hike with them).


  • Flashlight – 60 UAH / all days.
  • Snowshoes – 280 UAH / all days.
  • Shoe covers – 100 UAH / all days.
  • Crampons – 120 UAH / all days.
  • Trekking poles – 100 UAH / all days.


  1. Warm pants. Ski trousers are best suited.
  2. Thermal underwear.
  3. Two pairs of shoes. One pair is durable hiking boots, the second one may be lighter. You need a spare pair of boots when the other one is wet.
  4. Storm jacket. For walks and replacement, you can take also a down jacket.
  5. Fleece warm sweatshirt. Woolen or flax sweaters are not recommended.
  6. Warm gloves.
  7. Warm hat and scarf (balaclava, buff).

Other items:

  1. Hygiene items.
  2. Individual prescription medical kit. 
  3. Swimsuit, flip-flops for the sauna.

If you have a group of 4 or more interested we can run a bespoke hike on any date.

Have a question? Here’s how to contact us.