On the water and in the mountains: Chornyi Cheremosh and Chornа Hora

Duration 3 days
Difficulty Medium
Distance 19 km
Main points
Price 90 € (2700 ₴)


When the snow melts at the highlands, we take our boats and go rafting on Chornyi Cheremosh river, which is the most suitable for this activity in Ukraine. In early spring: while the river is full, and the flow is fast!

And if we are already here – we must take the opportunity and go higher up to the mountains! Therefore, on the second day, we’ll climb Popivan (Pip Ivan) Chornohirsky Mount with a famous building of the former observatory on it.

It’s a perfect option for a varied holiday when you don’t have a lot of time for vacation. In three days you can go rafting on the most extreme river and climb one of the highest mounts in Ukrainian Carpathians. Adrenaline and teamwork when rafting; and the Carpathian spring with the first crocuses in the mountains. 

The tour is suitable for beginners, you do not need to have a special preparation. We’ll teach you how to row.


 2 days and 4 rafting trips on fast Chornyi Cheremosh river (Black Cheremosh). One rafting session is about 1,5 hours, 10 km and several rapids of II-III class of difficulty;

 try different vessels – raft, catamaran and kayak. They vary in speed and maneuverability;

 live in a tent at a camping site in the mountain village Dzembronia close to the river. There are basic facilities for 3 days in nature;

 climb Popivan Chornogirsky Mount (2,022 m) with a building of former astronomical observatory on the top;

 feel the Carpathian spring with green grass and first flowers.

1 Day

From Ivano-Frankivsk, we go to the village of Dzembronia, Verkhovyna area.

In the camp, we have breakfast and wear wetsuits. Near 11 a.m. we go to the first rafting.

Before the start, we explain the rules of safety and show how to behave on the water, to manage the vessel and to row. One rafting session is about 1,5 hours, 10 km and several rapids: Dzembronya, Didiv Likot (literally «Grandfather’s Elbow»), Bila Kobyla (literally «White Horse»), Small Guk, Guk.

We finish in Krasnyk village and get back to the camp by car.

Then we have lunch, rest and go back to the water for the second rafting session.

In the evening: sauna, talks around the fire, walking around.

2 Day

 19 km  + 1300 m

Hiking Day

Waking up at 7 a.m. – physical exercises – breakfast – packing – and on the way!

The good news is that we climb up only with small backpacks (with a bottle of water, lunch and personal stuff). The distance to the top is 9 km, 4-5 hours and more than 1,000 m of elevation gain. In general, the hike is rather difficult, but since we will not have large backpacks, such a climb is suitable for beginners as well.

In the beginning, we pass Smotrych mountain valley with shepherds and the peak Smotrych (1,898 m) with nice landscapes. Another hour – and we are at the top! Legendary Popivan (Pip Ivan) Chornohirsky (2,022 m). We will have some time on the top with hot tea and our favorite stories about this mount.

After a lunch on the top we start our way down, but this time by another path – in the eastern direction along the Chornohora ridge to the side of Mount Vuhaty Kamin (1,864 m) (literally means Eared Stone). There are rocks of a specific shape – the stone ears of the mount, as well as the pedestal for the coolest photos.

We continue to lose our heights, going straight down to one of the Dzembronsky (Smotrytsky) waterfalls, which is the highest in Ukraine with an overall high of 100 meters. In warm weather, you can swim under the water of the Munchel stream.

One of the famous places in the Carpathians is the Dairy Hut on Smotrych valley. Shepherds sell the best cheese there. This is a great opportunity to cook the festive dinner – delicious Carpathian Banosh with brynza (the type of cheese) and salo (Ukrainian bacon).

3 Day

On the last day, we also have two rafting sessions – in the morning and afternoon.

At about 4 p.m. we are going back to Ivano-Frankivsk.


We meet at the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk city at 7 a.m. Then we go together by car to a rafting camp in the valley of the Chornyi Cheremosh river in the village of Lower Dzembronya. It’s 4 hours of road.

We return to the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk near 6 p.m.


  1. About the difficulty. The tour is suitable for beginners and accessible to any physically healthy person. Not having rafting experience is also not a problem. Before the rafting, the guide will explain the safety rules and show how to behave properly on the water, control the boat and roar. He will also guarantee your safety: swims well, knows how to provide first aid. Do not be offended if during the rafting he will be giving orders too emotionally 
  2. We stay in two- and three-places tents (our tents, you don’t need to take yours) on the territory of the rafting camp in the village of Lower Dzembronya. There are toilets and washstands on the territory, a large table for our breakfasts and dinners, a lawn for active games, a place for a fire.
  3. Rafting depends on the season. The best time for it is the second half of April till the end of May, because the snow melts in the upper mountains of Chornohora and Grynyava, filling the mountain rivers with water. In other summer months, the water here rises to a sufficient level only after heavy rains.
  4. We will use three types of vessels:
  • Raft. A big vessel in the shape of a boat. We sit on the sides and our feet cling to the hinges at the bottom of the deck. It’s the most stable, less immersed in water. For up to 10 people.
  • Kayak. Elongated vessel. You row with a double paddle, sitting legs forward, like on a canoe. You need to use raft or catamaran firstly. The most maneuvering vessel. For up to 3 people.
  • Catamaran. A vessel in the form of two cylinders, connected by an aluminum frame. We sit on an inflatable seat on one of the cylinders. The fastest vessel.


the instructor can change the pre-agreed tour plan if the weather conditions become worse, someone feels bad or there are some other adventures. 

If there is a lot of snow or bad weather, a hike to Popivan Mount will be replaced by the hike to the Krynta ridge or Vesnarka mountain valley.


You are packing for the hike by yourself, but with our advice. We will tell you about the suitability of your clothing and equipment for the tour.


  1. Sleeping mat and a sleeping bag for staying in a tent (you don’t need to take a tent).
  2. Small backpack (up to 35 l) for a radial climb to the mount.
  3. Trekking poles (optional).


You need two sets of clothes: one for the rafting, the other one for a hike and just a walk.

You need also two pairs of shoes:

1) footwear for the rafting: sneakers, old shoes or rubber shoes (necessarily with an anchorage). If you plan to wear hydro socks, then the shoes should be 2 sizes larger;

2) trekking shoes (or decent sneakers) for hiking.

Rafting clothes

wetsuit (neoprene overalls). You need it for thermal insulation, protection from hypothermia and possible minor injuries. It is a an obligatory element of clothing for spring rafting. It is possible to rent it.

Swimshorts/swimsuit and t-shirt (or golf) are dressed under a wetsuit.

 wet socks (neoprene socks), wet glove. These items are optional, but it will be warmer in the mountain river.

Helmets and vests are on us.

Trekking clothes

  • membrane jacket (or additional raincoat);
  • trekking trousers, shorts;
  • fleece warm sweater; 
  • thermal underwear;
  • t-shirt, simple full sleeve top;
  • socks (lightweight liner socks and thicker socks);
  • headgear, buff, bandana;
  • thin gloves.

Other items

  • a large tourist backpack (or a travel bag) for transporting things to / from a rafting camp;
  • water bottle;
  • bowl, spoon, cup;
  • sunglasses and sunscreen.


You pay in cash when meeting with a guide at the station; prepayment is not required.

What’s included

  • 3 meals per day (2 meals on the last day);
  • transport (including a drive from Ivano-Frankivsk);
  • guide’s job (rafting and hiking);
  • use of vessels, vests and helmets; group equipment (tents, first-aid kit, etc.).

What’s NOT included

  • personal equipment (sleeping bag, backpack are yours, but we can help);
  • renting of clothes.

Rental prices of rafting clothing:

  1. Wetsuit: 200 UAH / 2 days.
  2. Wet socks: 100 UAH / 2 days.
  3. Wet gloves: 100 UAH / 2 days.

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