• Length: 15 km.
  • Average duration: 7 hours.
  • Range of heights: 945 m (522 m – 1467 m).
  • Route: souvenir market – meadow Yavir – mount Yavirnyk – Gorgan – meadow Yavornyk – Yaremche

A walk on this summit is suitable for those who are confident in their abilities and are ready to overcome the day 15 km with a set height of more than 900 m. For this campaign should be allocated a maximum of time, it is best to start no later than 10 hours. The beginning of the trail is on the souvenir market, near the waterfall “Probiy”. After the market, turn to the right and move toward the church of Peter and Paul. After the village runs out, move the forest path up the arched route, and after 2 km you will go to the valley Yavir, where you can collect spring water.

The last kilometer to the summit will be the most debilitating, with the most rapid rise. And before the very top, the surface will become more rocky, which will be a sign that you are on Gogran.

Going to the mountain Yavirnyk-Gorgan turn left to the southeast and move along the ridge towards the valley Yavirnyk. There is a source of clean water in this valley, and it is also a great place to simply lie on the grass and observe nature. It should be noted that this area was the site of intensive battles during the First World War, so it is still possible to find hundred-year-old ammunition that still can be dangerous.

After the mountain begins the descent, do not miss the crossroads on Yavirnika, because one path leads to Yamn and Mykulychyn, and the other one in Yaremche. You need what’s going to Yaremche, so look at the signs and move north. After 4 km downhill you will leave in Yaremche, go around the hotel “Avdina” on the street I. Petrash and shortly go to the very street, from which they began their walk.

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